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Everything you need for children education and self-education is gathered here.

This portal is highly useful for people who live abroad and want to have Russian education. Here you find online lessons for preschool education and all the subjects of school curricula, among them educational course of Language Arts where Russian is taught as a foreign language.

For teachers we have developed up-to-date professional retraining and career development courses. In our online library you will find methodological materials on a range of topics. For parents and others we have hobby clubs, free lessons of language studying, articles about children education and a lot of other useful information.


Hello everyone! I live in Germany for a long time now and think a lot about my motherland. My children and grandchildren live near me, but sometimes I feel as if I’m starting to forget the country I was born in, my native language. I was really pleased to find and advertisement about International portal on our forum. I have found so much useful information here. I can advise it as educational resource both for children and adults.

Emma, Bern

This is a great portal and exactly what I was searching for my child. I travel a lot to Japan and this portal helps my family to learn Russian and to visit online school for children. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ivan, Moscow

This portal contains so much useful information that I sometimes feel like home. Thanksalotforthisproject. Can you, please, add horoscope and weather, so I will know what is going on in Russia. I’m going to take courses here and I will definitely show this portal to my grandson.

Irina, Poland

Helloeveryone. WeliveonCyprus. At first, I thought that I didn’t need this resource as we were going to enter school the following year. But then I realized that my son must know Russian as well. And with help of these courses I was able to teach him myself. It’s very important that lessons have video and audio files. I will share my opinion about the course as soon as we finish one.

Elena, Cyprus


Russians who live abroad have to collect information and search for different educational sites. I got informative letter about this portal release. I found a lot of interesting here. Now my elder son learns Chinese from here and I learn Mental Arithmetic. MybabyboyspendstimewithIntesha.

Yulia, China