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Alexey Bitner is an owner of a company which is working on informational and practical support of families whose children receive family education. Alexeyisaforward-thinkingperson, sohesuggestshisstudentsconsiderthesystemofcollectiveeducationwithindividualprograms. Tutorswillworkwithchildren.

‘There will be 2-3 teachers who work with a group of 30-40 children. Each tutor teacher several subjects. Children don’t spend more than 4 hours on studying. Groups consist of different ages, all lessons are individual, each student has individual program and individual pace of educational process’ – explains Alexeyadding that the biggest problem nowadays is to prepare such a multifunctional teacher.

However, we can find the proves that modern international trend in education looks similar. This wat Dima Zicer, a teacher and a blog writer of ‘Snob’ says.

‘International educational system has changed dramatically over last 20 years. General trends are tutoring, unbiased system, ability to choose a subject.’
Still there is a question here: will be the children who get knowledge without homework and marks smarter than children from Soviet Union? Thisisamatterofargument.

Based on an article from ‘Domashnyochag’ magazine