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How to help a child with homework?

Category: familyeducation

  1. Majority of elementary school pupils need help from their parents during doing their homework. When parents help or at least control the process a child becomes more attentive and aware. Try to answer your child’s questions. Don’t make your child study in case you see he or she is tired. Have a short break and after that you’ll be able to continue studying.
  2. The older you child becomes, the less time you should spend on his or her homework. Periodical control is needed. However, don’t try to do something instead of your child.

Projects, speeches, presentations – it’s all work for kids, not for their parents. You may help you child collect necessary materials, sort it out and highlight the most important, but the rest of the work must be done by your kid.

  1. Advise your child not to postpone his or her homework. It will be much easier to do homework based on fresh memories rather than recollect everything from the very beginning. Also, it will be more effective if a child does his or her homework the day after the lesson.

Based on an article from ‘Domashnyochag’ magazine.