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Peculiarities of teacher’s professional burnout

Researches on topic of negative effects of emotional burnout in education are getting more and more popular in Russia nowadays. Whatisthereasonofsuchaworryingsymptom? The first problem is permanent influence of emotional factors in modern professional area. A specialist ought to meet all the expectations and requirements teaching demands. Teachers have to express themselves to the fullest and be satisfied with what they are doing. This work is connected with constant communication which leads to symptoms of gradual fatigue and emptiness. All this has negative effect on the quality of work. An individual experiences phycological, physical and emotional problems.

The burnout syndrome is characterized by emotional distance, economy of emotional reactions, ignoration of students’ individual demands. As a result, a specialist is no longer involved in educational process, the quality of his work is gradually decreasing so is the result from teaching process. Real practice shows that nowadays the syndrome causes the loss of interest towards students, unwillingness to accept emotional specter of students and attempts to simplify educational process.

However, it is the matter of individual to develop or to ignore growth of these symptoms. A real teacher must maintain awareness of their goals and try their best in order to develop positive attitude to emotional stress of a job.
Based on materials: A. V. Bladyko ‘Peculiarities of emotional burnout in teaching area’ http://www.moluch.ru/conf/psy/archive/35/2704/
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