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‘In educational process,

in school studies you can’t improve anything

if you avoid teacher’s mind’

K.D. Ushinsky


Professional standard ‘A teacher (teaching activity in area of preschool, elementary, general and secondary education) was confirmed by an order of Ministry of Labor of Russian Federation from 18.10.2013 №544n. However, implementation of this order has just begun.

A teacher is a key role in reforming of education. In modern society is the most required quality of a teacher is ability for permanent self-education. A teacher should always demonstrate this quality to his or her students. There are some other necessary features for a teacher such as flexibility, non-standard solutions, readiness for changes. These all is demonstrated in the professional standard project.


First of all, teacher’s professional standard is a frame document which presents basic requirements for one’s qualification. National frame can be added with some regional requirements which reflect peculiarities of a region and interior standards of an educational institution which may have some specific syllabus.