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Anna Muratova’s school

In Anna Muratova’s school you may find lessons for all the subjects of elementary and secondary schools. Here you can also find e-library of basic and additional resources both for students and teachers. Trial tests and simulators for preparation for state exams such as VPR, GIA and EGE are also presented here.

All lessons are presented in similar structure. They all contain basic materials from books and e-exercises gained to practice received knowledge. The lessons are developed in accordance with FSES based on school syllabus which are recommended by Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation (teaching materials ‘The school of Russia’, books of publishing houses ‘Drofa’ and ‘Prosveshenie’).

For first year students all the subjects (Spelling, Russian language, Literature, Maths, Technology, The world around us, Music and Arts) have audio which makes studying process much easier.

Lessons of foreign languages, Music and Literature also contain audio files. You can start studying in our school any moment. Specialists support educational process offline.

E-lessons are universal, they can be useful for teachers also who want to apply innovative technologies in their teaching practice.